Bathroom Tiling: Essential Guide for Singapore Homes

Explore key insights into bathroom tiling in Singapore. Learn about types, selection, installation, and maintenance of bathroom tiles for lasting appeal.

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When it comes to furnishing homes in Singapore, one crucial aspect that demands thoughtful consideration is bathroom tiling. From ensuring durability and water resistance to influencing the overall aesthetics of the bathroom, the role of bathroom tiles cannot be underestimated. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with key insights into bathroom tiling for Singapore homes, helping you make informed decisions for your next home improvement project.

Importance of Bathroom Tiles in Singapore

Understanding bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles play an integral part in enhancing both functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom. Durable, resistant to water, and easy to maintain, bathroom tiles are an ideal solution for wet areas like bathrooms. Moreover, they offer a broad spectrum of design options, allowing you to transform your bathroom according to your personal style and preference.

The importance of bathroom tiles extends beyond their visual appeal. With high durability, they withstand the test of time even under constant exposure to water. The water-resistant quality of tiles makes them impervious to mould and mildew growth – a common concern in humid climates like Singapore’s. Furthermore, bathroom tiles are relatively easy to clean, which is a huge advantage for busy homeowners who want to keep their bathrooms sparkling clean with minimal effort.

Common types of bathroom tiles in Singapore

In Singapore, a variety of bathroom tiles are available to cater to diverse homeowner needs and preferences. Among the most popular choices are ceramic and porcelain tiles. These are loved for their durability, water resistance, and diverse design options.

Ceramic tiles, made from clay and hardened by heat, are known for their versatility in design and affordability. They come in various sizes, colours, and patterns, making them a popular choice for homeowners who want to customize their bathroom appearance.

On the other hand, porcelain tiles are appreciated for their strength and water resistance. These tiles are a type of ceramic tile, but they are made from a more refined clay and fired at higher temperatures. This makes them denser and less porous than standard ceramic tiles, thus more resistant to moisture and staining. Porcelain tiles are excellent for bathrooms that see heavy use or for homeowners who prefer a low-maintenance option.

Natural stone tiles, such as marble, granite, and slate, are also commonly used in Singapore. These tiles add a touch of luxury and uniqueness to any bathroom due to their natural patterns and textures. However, they require more maintenance to keep their pristine looks.

Selecting Bathroom Floor Tiles

Factors to consider when choosing bathroom floor tiles

Choosing the right floor tiles for your bathroom is a task that requires careful thought. Various factors come into play when making this decision. Durability is a crucial consideration, as the tiles need to withstand water, steam, and frequent foot traffic. A high-quality, durable tile will resist wear and tear over the years, keeping your bathroom looking fresh and well-maintained.

Slip resistance is another critical factor, especially for bathrooms. Bathrooms are areas prone to water spillage, and thus, the risk of slipping is high. Bathroom floor tiles with a high slip resistance grade can help prevent accidents, ensuring safety for you and your family.

Lastly, consider the ease of maintenance. Bathroom floor tiles should be easy to clean and resistant to staining. Remember, lighter-coloured tiles may show stains and signs of wear more easily than darker tiles.

In Singapore, ceramic and porcelain tiles are the top choices for bathroom flooring due to their durability, water resistance, and affordability. Porcelain tiles, with their low water absorption rate, are particularly popular for their longevity and minimal maintenance needs.

Natural stone tiles, such as marble, slate, and granite, are also common selections. They bring a luxurious, high-end look to any bathroom, but they require more maintenance and often come with a higher price tag.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Wall Tiles

Important factors for bathroom wall tiles

When choosing wall tiles for your bathroom, there are some key factors to consider. Much like floor tiles, wall tiles should be durable and water-resistant. However, since they’re less likely to face the same amount of wear or water exposure as floor tiles, you may have a wider range of materials to choose from.

One primary consideration is moisture resistance. As wall tiles are often installed around wet areas such as the shower, they need to be able to withstand high moisture levels without developing mould or mildew.

Ease of cleaning is another important factor. Bathroom wall tiles should be easy to clean to maintain hygiene and aesthetics. They should resist staining and retain their lustre even after frequent cleaning.

Preferred bathroom wall tiles in Singapore

Ceramic and porcelain remain popular choices for wall tiles in Singapore bathrooms, thanks to their versatility, durability, and ease of maintenance. Glass tiles are also commonly used on bathroom walls for their ability to reflect light and create a feeling of spaciousness, a valuable quality in compact Singapore homes.

For those seeking a luxurious touch, natural stone tiles like marble or granite are often used on feature walls for their stunning natural patterns and textures.

Bathroom Tiling Process

Professional services for bathroom tiling

While it may seem tempting to undertake bathroom tiling as a DIY project, it’s important to understand the complexity of the task. The bathroom tiling process involves numerous steps, including removing old tiles, prepping the surface, applying adhesive, laying tiles precisely, grouting, and sealing. Each step requires professional skills and equipment to ensure a perfect and durable finish.

Hiring professional bathroom tilers not only ensures quality workmanship but also saves you time and potential headaches. Professionals have the right tools, experience, and knowledge to handle any challenges that may arise during the process, delivering a flawless finish within the promised timeline.

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Maintaining Your Bathroom Tiles for Longevity

Regular maintenance for bathroom tiles

Regular maintenance can significantly extend the lifespan of your bathroom tiles. Daily practices like wiping down tiles to prevent water spots, using a non-abrasive cleaner for routine cleaning, and promptly cleaning up any spills can help maintain the beauty and functionality of your tiles.

Importance of periodic deep cleaning and maintenance

While daily cleaning helps maintain the surface cleanliness of your tiles, periodic deep cleaning is necessary to remove accumulated grime from tile surfaces and grout lines. Professional tile cleaning services can help restore your tiles and grout to their original condition, prolonging their lifespan and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.


Bathroom tiles play a critical role in the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom. Therefore, making an informed decision is key to ensuring you select the right tiles for your needs. By considering factors such as durability, water resistance, and maintenance, you can make the right tile choices for your bathroom.

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Tiling Your Bathroom?

Is overlaying bathroom a good idea?

When homeowners contacted us to renovate their toilet, we often get asked if they can overlay their wall or floor.

The answer is yes. However, there are few pros and cons with overlaying.


It saves time. The tiler can start working once tiles and materials are delivered instead of waiting for hacking to finish. Another advantage is that it reduces overall costs. Since hacking requires extra manpower and raw materials after hacking, the cost will increase. Instead of hacking, you can spend on higher quality tiles.

You can also start the toilet renovation immediately without waiting for hacking permit.


One of the concerns is weight. If the existing tiles are not securely attached to the surface, the extra weight can cause them to fall off over time. This can endanger anyone nearby. Next, tiling an uneven wall can be difficult or impossible if they are textured.

Overlaying can also affect the overall value of your home if you choose to sell your house in future.
If a potential buyer wants to do renovation, they will get higher quotes from contractors as there are 2 layers of tile to remove. This might impact the resale value of your home and make it more difficult to sell.

In conclusion, overlaying can be a good idea if you are thinking to do a toilet renovation. However, consider the pros and cons carefully. Make sure you consult with a specialist to assess the conditions first.

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Do you provide other bathroom services?

Tiling works is only part of a toilet renovation. There are other processes such as hacking, plumbing, painting getting new door or window and many more. We discuss this thoroughly here and hope it helps you.