Competitive Toilet Overlay Package In Singapore

The most competitive toilet overlay package in Singapore. You can also customize for a beautiful bathroom while saving cost and headache. Contact us today.

“I chose the bathroom package from them to save cost and all the hassle. Now my shower area looks great!”- Customer Review

Hassle-Free Toilet Overlay

Overlaying tiles for toilet is a popular option for HDB resale and BTO flats in Singapore. Do note that the slots for our tilers are limited each month, so it advisable to enquire with us now.

This package is for HDB homeowners who wants to refresh the outlook of their floor or wall as turnaround time is faster compared to hacking.

However, if you have any issues such as waterproofing damages, it is best to solve them first rather than going for the this option.

All package will include cleaning and necessary covering to minimize dust.

Floor Only

Wall and Floor

Overlay Toilet Tiles Cost

This is the overlay toilet tile costs for 2024.

Floor tiles only


  • Dismantle existing toilet bowl.
  • Supply and overlay new floor tiles.
  • Install back toilet bowl.

Wall and floor


  • Dismantle existing toilet bowl, wall mounted sink and shower set only.
  • Supply and lay new new floor and wall tiles.
  • Install toilet bowl, wall mounted sink and shower set.

Send your current toilet photo for an accurate estimation.

Optional Addons

You may choose add-ons such as:

  • Stainless steel piping
  • Painting
  • Door
  • Window
  • Shower screen

Resources: You may also read our most comprehensive guide on toilet renovation where we discuss in great details about bathroom makeover in Singapore.


Hear from our happy customers

“After contemplation with few toilet renovation contractor, I came across and chose the toilet overlay from them to save cost and all the hassle. The workers put up proper protection so my house was not 100% dusty even though cannot avoid this one. Anyway, now my shower area looks great again!”

Miss Sia

2 Toilet Overlay package

“I would like to thank you guys for the great work and would highly recommend to my family and colleagues”

Mr Ronny

2 Toilet Overlay Package

Thinking to overlay toilet tiles?

Where to choose the tiles?

You may start to view or choose tiles from showrooms like Hafary or Soon Bee Huat as they have a lot of options for bathroom tiles. Remember to ask about slip resistance rating for the flooring.

Is it good to overlay toilet tiles?

It is cost effective and faster while getting similar results as retiling the bathroom. However, the current tiles must not be damage such as hollow or popping up. Waterproofing issue needs to be resolve before you can overlay tiles on the surface.

According to HDB renovation guidelines, you may overlay only one time.